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Discover the open invitation started from University of Turin to the international scientific community to collaborate to design and achievement of a new updated model of a digital radiography and computed tomography in heritage science.

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La Venaria Reale



from 2 pm to 3 pm

Visit at the Conservation and Restoration Centre

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The Presidents, the Ministers and their delegates will visit the Conservation and Restoration Centre, a no-profit foundation opened in 2005.

The Centre hosts the Master’s Degree in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage (5 years long) of the University of Torino. It trains restorers of cultural heritage thanks to a program in which humanistic, technical and scientific skills are constantly applied in practical activities carried out in the workshops and on restoration sites.

The educational activities are coordinated by the SUSCORUniversity Structure in Sciences for Conservation, Restoration and Promotion of Cultural Heritage, which involves the Departments of History, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences and Systems Biology.

The Centre hosts all the students’ practical and theoretical activities, providing them with lecture halls, specialized laboratories and technical and scientific equipment.

G7 ICT and Industry Multistakeholder Conference

La Venaria Reale



from 10.45 am to 6.45 pm